The following is the text of an e-mail I received from Mr. J. M. Harary of Mexico City regarding my book:

Dear Mr. Mc Corduck- I was happy to recieve your book (through Amazon) the other day. What a pleasure to read! You explain everything so clearly I have no problem understanding each detail of the game! I was glad to have a little exposure to the game previously because this game surely is not simple! I've recorded on the VCR a few plays and played them back in "slow motion"(while reading your book)to see each player and their role, and how the play's unwind. Not easy! It would be much easier with an entire overhead view of the field,to see where all these players are running! While waiting the arrival of your book, I watched several games on television, and didn't find college football as exhilirating as professional, but still interesting. Currently on pg.75 with a whole season ahead, I'm sure I'll be able to enjoy the Super Bowl like a true football fan!
Mexico City

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